• Codin Caragea

    Chief Manager, Head of Customer Experience, Bank Muscat

    Codin has 21 years of experience in banking, management consulting and energy sectors. His main areas of expertise cover Customer Experience framework design and implementation, Enterprise BPM, Process Architecture & Improvement, Lean Management, Organizational Design, Innovation and Performance Man­agement. He worked for Ernst & Young, leading Human Capital related projects, process improvement and due diligences for oil & gas companies, banks and retail companies.

    In 2005 he joined OTP Bank, the largest Hungarian bank, as Head of BPM Department with main responsibility of creating a BPM framework and running efficiency programs across the bank. He also worked for Volksbank, a leading Austrian bank, as Head of Process Excellence and Change Management.

    In 2013, Codin joined Riyad Bank, one of the leading banks in Saudi Arabia and GCC area, as Senior Vice President, Head of Experience Design & BPM Centre of Excellence. He was designing and implementing an integrated management framework combining CX and BPM.

    Since November 2018, he became the Chief Manager, Head of Customer Experience for the largest bank in Oman, Bank Muscat.

    Codin has a Bachelor and Master degree in Management. He is also a Lean Six Sigma black belt. He is a frequent speaker and publisher for his expertise areas and enjoys challenging different organizational management practices for the benefits of the customer. He advocates upon designing the organization around the successful customer outcome, removing the silos and hierarchies, hiring characters, building skills and expertise for champions around the organization, leading by example based on inspiring, transparency, integrity and mutual trust. He is happily married and father, sport practitioner, heavy traveler, gourmet and art collector.

    14:35 - 15:35 The building blocks of a customer-centric culture. How to embed customer-centricity in the DNA of your company

    Codin Caragea, Chief Manager, Head of Customer Experience, Bank Musca

    Culture eats strategy for breakfast is a reality often ignored. Most successful brands pay attention to how things get done in addition to where is the money coming from. Culture can recession-proof your business as both customers and employees will always remember how they've been treated during the crisis times. Chief Culture Officers and Chief Customer Officers have the unique opportunity to become Chief Meaning Officers and make their work environment one of a kind as culture translates to customer experience which translates to sustainable growth and increased revenue

  • Judith van Herwaarden

    Global Principal Customer Experience, Commercial Excellence, HeidelbergCement Group

    As Global Principal Customer Experience for HeidelbergCement Group, Judith is dedicated to embedding customer experience and customer centricity as core organisational principles and generating the true value that drives development, innovation and business performance in an ethical and sustainable way. Linking digital and non-digital CX to overall customer value, achieving performance and communicating with influence across all levels of business to deliver results against impossible deadlines. With almost 10 years’ experience cultivating problem-solving and customer centric program design excellence and, in the last six years, having spent over 60 per cent of her time travelling across five continents, taking local businesses and cultures on a journey from operational commodity thinking to growing commercial value. She leads the global HeidelbergCement’s CX programme and is digital product owner of the Gemseek CX platform, winner of the Best Customer Experience Strategy at the ARCET European Customer Centricity Award in 2020. With strategy-shaping insights and an enviable track record of delivery, Judith brings about the transformations that secure future growth.



    14:35 - 15:35 Customer-centric transformation

    Judith van Herwaarden, Global Principal Customer Experience Commercial Excellence, HeidelbergCement

    HeidelbergCement is one of the world’s largest building materials companies. It’s the leader in aggregates production and ranks among the top producers of cement and ready-mixed concrete. HeidelbergCement’s business model is B2B(2C). It’s geographical spread across 5 continents creates complex structures and fragmented customer base – from large international organisations to extensive distributor chains delivering to the end consumer.

    One of the company’s strategic priorities is to create a more customer-centric culture globally that allows local organisations to be more competitive based on the quality of service they provide and escape the commodity trap. HeidelbergCement Group envisions a future where the customer experience of buying and using concrete and other building materials is frictionless and streamlined through digital tools.


  • Holly Richardson

    Digital & CX Transformation Lead, Unilever Food Solutions

    Holly Richardson is the Digital & CX Transformation Leader for Unilever Food Solutions in the Middle East & North Africa. For the past 5 years, she has collaborated with international leaders to transform data, systems, people and capability to increase Unilever’s customer centricity, operational efficiency and sales effectiveness.


    Holly has more than 14 years of experience in London, Dubai, Madrid, the United States and Germany, and has won several awards for her use of innovation and purpose-driven strategy. Holly has been recognized globally for the impact she has made on Unilever’s business, and was nominated for CX Leader of the Year 2020 at the global CX industry publication, MyCustomer.com. More than anything, Holly is passionate about driving real value for real people – customers, employees and the wider community.

    14:35 - 15:35 How NOT to over promise and under-deliver on your CX programme.

    Holly Richardson, Digital & CX Transformation Lead, Unilever

    Success is not about what you work on – it’s what you chose NOT to work on. With finite resources and infinite choices, this can be the most difficult challenge in business, especially then the pace of change hits 5th gear. Learn how to select the most relevant and important Customer Experience projects, and how to maintain diligence and focus when new improvement ideas that come up.

  • Temenushka Milenkova

    Senior Strategic Consultant, GemSeek

    Temenushka is part of GemSeek’s consultative practice helping companies in various industries improve customer satisfaction and generate business growth. She has a background in Economics, Data Analytics and Consulting. Temenushka has experience in leading customer experience projects for large multinationals, unlocking insights and creating value in industries like telco, retail, construction, financial services, insurance and beyond.


    14:35 - 15:35 The unexpected depth of customer text data: How to improve satisfaction and drive business growth

    Temenushka Milenkova, Senior Strategic Consultant, GemSeek

    Most companies still have not uncovered the true power of insights from text data around them. What’s often missing is the tools to turn unstructured customer opinions and survey answers into insight into action. Observe the unprecedented impact of text analytics with two practical examples – how a telecom and a retail leader both identify the main drivers of satisfaction/dissatisfaction, prioritise which areas to address first and generate value for their customers and organization.


  • Nina Gyubbenet

    Head of Customer Experience at Tele2Russia

    Nina Gyubbenet has over 20 years of experience in telecom area. She is a pioneer in building Customer Centric culture in Russia. Mrs Gyubbenet has master degree in international economy and IMISP MBA.

    After graduating from Saint-Peterburg State University in 1995 Mrs Gyubbenet joined one of the first mobile operator in Russia founded by Motorola. In 2003 Mrs Gyubbenet joined Tele2 Group Customer Operations Director of Russian Operations.


    Together with her team Nina created a strong service platform providing the best in Industry customer experience in customer support.

    In 2015 Nina got a new exciting assignment to lead Customer Experience in Tele2 Russia. In five years Nina has built CEM framework that involves the whole company to ensure customer centric approach and build seamless experience for the customer.


    Tele2 Russia provides services to >44 million subscribers and offers high-quality best deal mobile services.

    14:35 - 15:35 CX ROI measurement at Tele2

    Nina Gyubbenet, Head of Customer Experience at Tele2Russia

    Nina Gyubbenet will share Tele2 experience in CX ROI measurement.

    Key takaways:

    • How NPS is connected to market growth
    • Why promoters represent extremely valuable asset
    • How to measure positive financial impact of good Customer Service
    • How to put The Client in the middle of all business decisions
  • Ana Iorga

    Founder and Chief Neuroscientist, Buyer Brain

    Dr. Ana Iorga is a consumer neuroscience and behavioral sciences expert with a deep abiding passion for understanding human behavior. She spent over 15 years helping companies improve their customer engagement and loyalty strategies, across industries like Consumer Goods, Retail, Finance and Automotive.

    Dr. Iorga is a Medical Doctor that holds a PhD in Consumer Neuroscience and a double MBA degree in Marketing & Finance. She founded Buyer Brain, a consumer neuroscience company that focuses on delivering non-conscious insights to drive customer engagement & loyalty. She serves on the editorial board of several academic and professional magazines, and is co-editor of Ethics in Neuromarketing, a path breaking book exploring the ethical challenges in consumer neuroscience.

    14:35 - 15:35 Neuroscience-powered insights to improve Customer Journeys

    Ana Iorga, Founder and Chief Neuroscientist, Buyer Brain

    How do we decide to buy a car? It surely is a rational decision, as it involves a large budget, right? What about getting a loan for the car? It’s all about the numbers and the interest rate. Or isn’t it?

    In this talk we will explore customers’ journeys from a neuroscience point of view, will look at emotions and the role they play and also at the implications of effort in shaping customer expectations and long term engagement.

    Key points (take-away):

    • Understand the role that emotions and habits play in shaping consumer behavior
    • Explore the implicit drivers of customer engagement
    • Assess the impact of effort on the overall consumer experience.