• Cecilia Hugony

    Founder of RealCX, Customer Experience Expert

    I am an International award winner customer experience (CX) professional. Fascinated by the impact that customer-centric cultures have on employees, customers, and businesses.

    I am convinced that CX is at the core of the business and as such, should be created and managed internally rather than relying entirely on external consultants. My simple and practical approach allows entrepreneurs and organizations of any type and size to understand, design and implement CX strategies.

    I’m excited to expand the CX movement and inspire others by hosting weekly interviews to leaders on their views on customer experience, and speaking at conference and webinars.

    Before transitioning from the corporate world in 2020, I was a senior CX leader for more than 20 years, working in Latin America in the United States. I worked for companies as Teleperformance, Microsoft, DIRECTV, Fravega and Despegar.

    I was fortunate to train at some of the most customer-centric companies in the world, like Zappos, Disney’s Institute, Ritz Carlton, Brand Biology and Amazon. Learning from them was a turning point in my career.

  • 13:25 - 13:50 CX: the power of putting customers at the center of the business

    Cecilia Hugony, Founder, Customer Experience Expert, RealCX

    Key takaways:

    • The magic of employee engagement
    • Times of cultural change: new customer expectations  
    • Key elements that affect customer perception
    • What is the result that every business need?
    • The truth behind a solid cultural transformation
    • Satisfaction vs loyalty