• Clare Muscutt

    Director, CMXperience Ltd, CEO, Women in CX

    Clare Muscutt is a Customer Experience Entrepreneur and well-rounded strategic problem solver, who decided to make the leap from client side, into the freelance and consultancy world.

    Having held a number of senior CX leadership roles in Marketing and Retail, across a number of sectors, working with some of the UK's best known brands, Clare has finely tuned her expertise to be able to design and deliver industry leading customer experiences and services, yielding innovative concepts that deliver the desired results for her clients at pace.

    An exceptional communicator, Clare is able to share complex ideas and insights, clearly and concisely, from board room to front line, and to audiences from on stage as an acclaimed international keynote speaker and event chair.

    Driven by her values of competence, excellence, creativity and initiative, compelled by the drive to really make a difference to the world around her, Clare brings fun, enthusiasm and positivity to the people and projects she works with.

  • 09:25 - 09:55 CET LIVE Humanising the Customer Experience by Design

    Clare Muscutt, Director, CMXperience Ltd, CEO, Women in CX

    In today’s shifting landscape of technology and digital transformation, experiences for customers are not improving; in many cases, they are getting worse. The fundamental mistake businesses make is seeing technology as a method to replace human interaction and save costs. However, whilst millions of dollars are spent on sexy-sounding tech, they completely miss the opportunity to add value for people and create greater return on investment (ROI) as a result. When people are reduced to a set of requirements by IT teams, it is no wonder we find ourselves feeling dehumanised by the experiences we receive. There must be a better way?

    International thought leader and global keynote speaker Clare Muscutt joins us to share her perspective on how taking a more human-centred approach can create a win–win for customers, employees, and the business. She will share how having the right mindset and applying CX design thinking can rehumanise experiences, resulting in maximum customer value, employee engagement, and increased ROI for any technology roadmap. Clare is regularly quoted as saying, “Building a great customer experience doesn’t happen by accident; it happens by design.” So, join us to learn about her tried and tested approach to CX design thinking and the tools that can help you humanise your customer experience, by design.