• Elvira Kalmar

    Elvira Kalmar has 20 years experience in supporting individuals, teams, start-ups all the way to big multinationals in their own evolution. For this, she has tried many approaches and found the Solution Focused approach the one that brings visible results the fastest and with lightness: re-writing every our assumptions about change and its effect on people.

    As well as building self-organising teams herself and guiding companies in their own agile transformations, Elvira has been a coach and mentor for leaders, Heads of HR, Project Managers supporting their own teams or organisations. Her work is value-driven, participative, appreciative, solution and resource focused: always putting the people and their work experience in the centre.

    14:10 - 14:35

    Solution Focused tools to create meaningful and fulfilling workplaces

    Elvira Kalmár, Founder, Go Beyond Project

    Solution Focus has proved itself in my practice as an HR leader, a coach, team-coach, agile coach and Organisation Development and Design Consultant. Its easy, almost minimalist tools can be used to make individuals flourish, teams to evolve fast on the way of self-organising, and whole organisations to transform into their next level, where work is meaningful and fun. Join our session where we share with you the know-how with a case study how we created the Agile Team of the Year 2020 in Hungary from a team struggling under the burden of never ending workflow, burn-out and lack of customer satisfaction.