• Eytan Hattem

    Business Lead, Cemantica

    Passionate about Customer experience, CX has always been at the heart of Eytan’s career; from his proven track record in international CEM projects to his work as a business consultant supporting clients in their digital transformation journey.

    As a CCXP certified professional, Eytan consults global businesses across multiple sectors to help them understand and transform their customer journeys through best practices and innovative technologies.

    A true evangelist and thought leader, Eytan speaks and writes regularly on CX industry media with authority and passion plus mentors fellow CX professionals to spread the power of customer experience!


  • 14:10 - 14:35 Map your customer journey, manage your CX program and collect real-time customer feedback on the same platform

    Eytan Hattem, Business Lead, Cemantica

    Key Takaways

    • Build and analyze B2B or B2C personas mapping demographic information as well as the non-conscious psychological aspects of the personality to better understand your customer purchase behavior
    • Map your customers stages, interactions, touchpoints, pros, cons, insights and the backstage swim lanes and customized your map with your specific organization key information
    • Manage your CX Programs evaluating the organization CX maturity, defining the CX strategy and brand values
    • Feed the Journey Platform with VoC data (satisfaction surveys, NPS studies, social interactions, CRM etc.) in real-time and segment your customers per persona
    • Compare and cross-reference your personas sentiment level in your journey map with the real sentiment level of your customers and get in-depth analytics dashboard
    • Ideate solutions based on a RCA model that comes as an outcome of the pain points that were mapped during the journey mapping process
    • Build an action plan with a clear timeline, ownership and status monitoring