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  • Laura Tengerdi

    Marketing and Customer Experience Professional, C-Suite, Budapest Bank

    Laura Tengerdi has over 25 years of experience in brand marketing and customer experience, managing global and local brands and background in both B2B and B2C roles. She has a deep knowledge of a wide range of industrial sectors too. Her key qualities include a true enjoyment of developing strategies, or putting a fresh face on an already established brand. She is a big believer of the thought ’Customer First’, that mindset she mastered during the many years she spent as a senior leader in the Central-European Organisation of Unilever. Later in GE Capital and Budapest Bank she expanded her belief with putting employees in the forefront too. In the past 5 years being responsible for Customer Experience as well she has worked to develop a customer centric culture in pursuing the vision of a loveable bank. To top up her enthusiasm and experience in this field, in July 2018 she managed to become the 1st CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional) in Central and Eastern Europe and among the 1000 certified specialists worldwide.

    Listed among the 50 most successful marketing professionals in Hungary in the past 4 years (Marketing&Media), shortlisted among the top CX Leaders 2020, globally (MyCustomer.com). Talks frequently at marketing and customer experience conferences in various countries as a Keynote Speaker and a Judge on Award Ceremonies.



    11:25-11:40 How to get senior leaders to become committed and inspired to customer experience?

    Fireside chat: Laura Tengerdi and Ian Golding


  • Ákos Tolnai

    Founder, AbilityMatrix

    He founded AbilityMatrix in 2011 in the US, focusing on the intersection of innovations and customer experience. AbilityMatrix is a consulting company using irrationality, behavioral economics, and customer experience to give an unfair advantage in product-market fit and go-to-market strategies. CCXP since 2017 and obsessed with people, teams, and organizational design. Especially self-organizing teams.